Your One Stop Access to DeFixNFT Portfolio Management on Injective
Ninjakits is an all in one DEFIxNFT management tool for your assets and positions, providing you with non custodial, trustless access to decentralized finance.
All Your Essential Tools In One Place
Get a general overview of your assets such as listed NFTs, total floor prices, total account value, DeFi value and price graphs.
NFT Gallery
Get access to tooling made easy options such as batch listing, batch transfer etc.
Batch Utilities
View and customise your NFTs in a colorful view while managing different NFT collections.
All non restrictive access to DeFi management in one place for easy accessibility.
Transaction History
Monitor and track your transactions from this page without the need to jump off your portfolio manager. Transactions are translated to English in real time to help get better understanding, while retaining the code view of your transactions by clicking on the transaction bar.